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I have a string like 1ADFGRE#34GGGHT#04RTYHGR.

I want to extract words from this by eliminating #.


b = 34GGGHT
c = 04RTYHGR
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You can also use regular expressions to split up strings. Regex.Split will provide more flexibility if you have to split up on more complicated strings. There is a good discussion in this article: String.Split VS. Regex.Split?

string[] matches = Regex.Split(yourString, @"#");
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The easiest way would be to use code like this:

string[] splitString = "1ADFGRE#34GGGHT#04RTYHGR".Split('#')
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Use String.Split(Char()), Like this:

yourString = "1ADFGRE#34GGGHT#04RTYHGR";
string[] words = yourString.Split('#'); 

The array words will contain something like:

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Thanks. my problem solved! –  Laxminarayan Feb 5 '12 at 12:24

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