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Using the Molehill with Flash I wish to create a vertiex shader, to have one mesh transform into another, I have seen that it is possible with Flare, However I am unsure if that was using Stage3D, Can anyone give me any pointers in the use of shaders in AGAL as to how this might be done. Thanks

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(maybe too late)

a morphing is "simply" a linear interpolation between 2 sets of positions.

assuming you have a first vertexBuffer VA0 representing the origins and a second vertexbuffer VA1 representing your destinations. you can store them in temporary registers:

"mov vt0 va0                \n" +//temp var, will hold the result
"mov vt1 va0                \n" +//start position
"mov vt2 va1                \n" +//destination

then you'll need a T value that you can pass as a constant like this:

context.setProgramConstantsFromVector( Context3DProgramType.VERTEX, id, constant );

if you pass something like

Vector.<Number>([ T, 0,0, 1 ])

with 0<=T<=1 as the constant and put it at id 0, the following code will transform (linearly inpterpolate) the output positions from the starting position to the end position.

"sub vt0 vt2 vt1            \n" +
"mul vt0 vt0 vc0.x          \n" +
"add vt0 vt0 va1            \n" +

then you need to project VT0 to get the correct output.

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Brilliant, That is exactly whay I needed to know. – ColinDavies Mar 23 '12 at 11:31

The next version of pixel bender should support creating both 3d vertex and fragment shaders. A preview release should be available here

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