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Porting my bat scripts to PowerShell. Two problems: $info expands in strings like "$info"; when running commands from a file somewhere spoil the arguments (in interactive mode appears only the first problem. the console output "hg tip: invalid arguments").


hg tip --template "<?php\r\n// ќв®  ўв®¬ вЁзҐбЄЁ бЈҐ­ҐаЁа®ў ­­л© д ©« б Ё­д®а¬ жЁҐ© ® ⥪г饬 ЎЁ«¤Ґ ¬®¤г«п\r\n$info = array(\r\n'rev' => '{rev}',\r\n'date' => '{date|isodate}',\r\n'changeset' => '{node}',\r\n);" > modules/video/version.php
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In the end, everything was decided: 1) Answer: stackoverflow.com/a/9149466/1115601 2) The problem was due to a specific text encoding (Cyrillic in the DOS encoding). Here it is: ќв® ўв®¬ вЁзҐбЄЁ бЈҐ­ҐаЁа®ў ­­л© д ©« б Ё­д®а¬ жЁҐ© ® ⥪г饬 ЎЁ«¤Ґ ¬®¤г«п. –  Ticksy Feb 7 '12 at 13:18
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to not evaluate $info as variable you must write it as `$info. Like:

 hg tip --template "<?php\r\n// ќв®  ўв®¬ вЁзҐбЄЁ бЈҐ®ў © д ©« б Ё®а¬ жЁҐ© ® ⥪г饬 ЎЁ«¤Ґ ¬®¤г«п\r\n`$info = array(\r\n'rev' => '{rev}',\r\n'date' => '{date|isodate}',\r\n'changeset' => '{node}',\r\n);" > modules/video/version.php

$ is powershell keyword therefore `$

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Thanks. It work. –  Ticksy Feb 5 '12 at 15:27
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Also, another way is to use single-quotes instead of double quotes you are using now.


Ok, so basically you have 3 approaches.

  • Single-quotes - Expressions are not evaluated. But you need to escape the single-quote sign.
  • Double-quotes - Expressions are evaluated. So, if you want to use $ sign you need to escape it.
  • Here-strings - Either single, or double-quotes (evaluated/not evaluated). Strings can span multiple lines. You don't need to escape anything if you use single quote approach

Example for third approach:

[12:06:58 PM] ~> $str = @'

[12:07:15 PM] ~> $str
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Can you fix my code? I've pretty much tried, in the end made ​​this a separate line in bat file. –  Ticksy Feb 5 '12 at 19:11
Thanks, but I know that. –  Ticksy Feb 7 '12 at 13:14
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