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I essentially want to split up a string based on the sentences, therefore (for the sake of what I'm doing), whenever there is a !, ., ?, :, ;.

How would I achieve this with multiple items to split the array with?


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String.split takes a regex to split on, so you can simply:

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Guava's Splitter is a bit more predictable than String.split().

Iterable<String> results = Splitter.on(CharMatcher.anyOf("!.?:;"))
   .trimResults() // only if you need it
   .omitEmptyStrings() // only if you need it

and then you can use Iterables.toArray or Lists.newArrayList to wrap the output results how you like.

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The argument of String.split is a regex, so you can create a pattern that matches any of those characters.

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You can use the String.split(String regex) method with parameter "[!.?:;]".

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