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I can't get my unit test to work properly. It works in a integration test I have where it will actually hit the Azure Table Storage. The problem I guess is the mocking of the property QueryableEntities wich retruns a Queryable from the mock but it returns a DataServiceQuery from the ServiceContext class. Is it possible to create a stub of type DataServiceQuery wich return a Queryable?

This is my code:


    public void GetAExistingWordInStorageShouldReturnCorrectWord()

        Word expected = new Word(Dictionaries.Swedish.ToString(), "Word", "Word");

        List<Word> Words = new List<Word>();
        Words.Add(new Word(Dictionaries.Swedish.ToString(), "Word", "Word"));

        IQueryable<Word> WordQueryable = Words.AsQueryable<Word>();

        var mock = new Mock<IServiceContext<Word>>();
        mock.Setup(x => x.QueryableEntities).Returns(WordQueryable);

        DictionaryRepository dr = new DictionaryRepository(Models.Dictionaries.Swedish, "testdictionaries");
        dr.Context = mock.Object;

        Word result = dr.GetWord(expected.Text, false);

        Assert.AreEqual(expected, result);

IServiceContect interface

public interface IServiceContext<TEntity>
    IQueryable<TEntity> QueryableEntities {get;}

ServiceContext Class

public class ServiceContext<TEntity> : TableServiceContext, IServiceContext<TEntity> where TEntity : TableServiceEntity

    private readonly string tableName;

    public ServiceContext(CloudStorageAccount account, String tableName)
        : base(account.TableEndpoint.ToString(), account.Credentials)
        this.tableName = tableName;
        this.IgnoreResourceNotFoundException = true;

    public IQueryable<TEntity> QueryableEntities
            return CreateQuery<TEntity>(tableName);


Dictionary Repository

     public class DictionaryRepository : IDictionaryRepository
    public Dictionaries Dictionary { get; set; }
    public String TableName;

    public IServiceContext<Word> Context;

    public DictionaryRepository(Dictionaries dictionary)
        : this(dictionary, "dictionaries")

    public DictionaryRepository(Dictionaries dictionary, String tableName)
        Dictionary = dictionary;
        this.TableName = tableName;
        CloudStorageAccount account = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(***);
        Context = new ServiceContext<Word>(account, this.TableName);

    public List<Tile> GetValidTiles()
        throw new NotImplementedException();

    public Type ResolveEntityType(String name)
        return typeof(Word);

    public Word GetWord(string word, Boolean useCache = false)

        var q = this.Context.QueryableEntities.Where(x => x.PartitionKey == Dictionary.ToString() && x.RowKey == word).AsTableServiceQuery();

        Word result = q.Execute().SingleOrDefault();

        if (result == null)
            return null;

        return result;


I'm getting the following error


    ArgumentNullException was unhandeled by user code
    Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: query

I get the error when calling .AsTableServiceQuery() on the following line in DictionaryRepository class:

var q = this.Context.QueryableEntities.Where(x => x.PartitionKey == Dictionary.ToString() && x.RowKey == word).AsTableServiceQuery();
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Consider wrapping the Microsoft code in your own class which implements a simplified interface. – TrueWill Feb 9 '12 at 13:55

You haven't mentioned the error you're getting, but since the QueryableEntities is a readonly property try using mock.SetupGet instead of mock.Setup.


Looking into it further the problem is that the .AsTableServiceQuery() extension method attempts to cast the IQueryable<T> to a DataServiceQuery<T>, which fails causing the null exception.

There's a post by Frederic Boerr about how to do unit testing with table storage that should help you out. Windows Azure Storage: TDD and mocks

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Did not work. I have updated my question with the error I'm getting. – Frej Feb 9 '12 at 13:03

I know you specifically asked how to do this using Moq, and I don't have an answer to that, but I figured out how to do something similar using Fakes.


Essentially you can create a Shim on CloudTableQuery<T> that reads the Expression object the query is using and applies that same logic to your IEnumerable using code like this:

public void here_is_my_test()
    IEnumerable<MyEntityType> fakeResults = GetFakeResults();

    using (ShimsContext.Create())



public void InterceptCloudTableQueryExecute<T>(IEnumerable<T> result)
    var query = result.AsQueryable();

    ShimCloudTableQuery<T>.AllInstances.Execute = (instance) =>
        // Get the expression evaluator.
        MethodCallExpression ex = (MethodCallExpression)instance.Expression;

        // Depending on how I called CreateQuery, sometimes the objects
        // I need are nested one level deep.
        if (ex.Arguments[0] is MethodCallExpression)
            ex = (MethodCallExpression)ex.Arguments[0];

        UnaryExpression ue = ex.Arguments[1] as UnaryExpression;

        // Get the lambda expression
        Expression<Func<T, bool>> le = ue.Operand as Expression<Func<T, bool>>;

        query = query.Where(le);
        return query;
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