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I was wondering wich you think is the best way to implement a "last login", saving on a table the date and showing it to the user when he logins on the system.

Thanks Alejandro

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How about simply adding a last_login field to your users model -and mysql table-, so you can easily get and update

Just like in the bottom of this page:

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just wanted to add that auth->check() returns "true" only when user is first time authenticated. On following requests it adds false. If you are using models, then you can use $user->set('last_login',date('Y-m-d'))->update(); – romaninsh Feb 5 '12 at 17:01
Good point, I've implemented on my index.php the next thing (first show "last login" and then doing a dsql()->do_update() to update the data $this->add('View_HtmlElement')->setElement('H5')->set('Ultimo Acceso: '.$this->api->auth->get('lastlogin')); $this->api->db->dsql()->table('user u') ->set('lastlogin',date('Y-m-d G:i:s')) ->where('id',$this->api->auth->get('id')) ->do_update(); – AJM.MARTINEZ Feb 5 '12 at 17:26

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