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Is there a way to change how fast the tooltip from an element's "title" attribute? I'd like it if the tooltip appeared immediately, but it seems to take a few seconds to apear.

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Would that not be determined by the operating system and/or web-browser? Unless you implement your own dynamic tooltip like this (but less hideous) :) – c24w Feb 5 '12 at 16:26
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No, there's no way. The title attribute is implemented in a browser dependent fashion. For example I remember differences between IE and FF when using \r\n inside it.

Mozilla's docs explain the limits and functionality well.

If you want customization you may take a look at third party plugins such as qTip2 which mimic it using divs and stuff and provide you full control.

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If you are using Foundation, they have a pretty good tooltip component: – Danny R Mar 24 '14 at 12:52

You could use jqueryUI as suggested. An example of controlling the duration on the show property:

$( ".selector" ).tooltip({ show: { effect: "blind", duration: 800 } });
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It isn't possible to change how fast default browser's tooltip appear, but you can use one of the tooltip plugins (here is few: ) where you can customise lot's of things, including delay.

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Couldn't find any tooltip plugin in the link provided. – T30 Dec 24 '15 at 9:09

Jquery UI tooltip is extremely simple and customizable: Just download jquery UI and import it in your page.

If you want all the tooltips of your page to show immediately at hover, just use this:

$(document).tooltip({show: null});

Note that this applies to all elements that has a 'title' attribute. You can modify the $(document) selector to affect only a class, or set custom speed or effect:

$('.yourClass').tooltip({show: {effect:"none", delay:0}});
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I don't know how much control you can have over a tooltip, or whether it's a standardised behavior or if it varies by browser. Maybe you should look at existing tools, like this one for jQuery, that emulate them but giving you far more options for looks and behavior.

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