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I am trying to create an iframe for the following url. http://www.pgsoftwaresolutions.in/index.html

<iframe src="http://www.pgsoftwaresolutions.in/index.html" width="255" height="210"></iframe> 

I tried it on IE7 locally and IE 8/9 on browserstack.com The page loads the timer works correctly when loaded directly in the IE browser, but when in an IFRAME it becomes invisible.

At first i thought that it might a jQuery issue or IE bug about IFRAME not triggering the document ready/load event.

Just to test what went wrong where in the javascript i added a javascript alert() in the javascript function which replaces the numbers on the timer on a copy of the above code in http://www.pgsoftwaresolutions.in/debug/index.html

NOTE: To close this page after the first 7 alerts are fired. Quickly press ENTER and then CTRL + F4 to close the page.

I tested it on IE 7. It works and a series of alerts are fired at the start and then one every second.

Then i loaded the same page in an IFRAME and it DOES throw the alerts.

<iframe src="http://www.pgsoftwaresolutions.in/debug/index.html" width="255" height="210"></iframe>

I have no clue how to debug anything related to javscript or IFRAMEs on IE7 properly as Firebug lite does not support those so any help will be appreciated.

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The problem is in your styles.css.

Remove html{ position:relative; } and your iframe will display in IE7 and higher.

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Thats weird, but it worked :) thanks.. I had tried changing the frameborder property on the iframe to see if i can see it.. when i didnt see the border in IE i thought it might be a bug in IE and not something related to css. Do you know any way to debug IE like firebug for firefox? I mean in firefox firebug allows to inspect contents of the iframe. – Prathamesh Gharat Feb 6 '12 at 3:45
Well you can use FireBug Lite for IE, but I like you said before I don't think it's quite as robust as the one for FireFox. I do believe that this is a bug in IE and not anything wrong with your css. Why did you set html, body positioning anyway? – plumwd Feb 6 '12 at 5:13

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