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I have one python script which i am trying to convert and stuck in one place and unable to proceed. Please check where ever i have mentioned "Stuck here" in below code. any help would be appreciated

Original Python script:

import hashlib
meid = raw_input("Enter an MEID: ").upper()
s = hashlib.sha1(meid.decode('hex'))
#decode the hex MEID (convert it to binary!)
pesn = "80" + s.hexdigest()[-6:].upper()
#put the last 6 digits of the hash after 80
print "pESN: " + pesn

My C# conversion:

UInt64 EsnDec = 2161133276;
string EsnHex=string.Format("{0:x}", EsnDec);
string m = Convert.ToString(Convert.ToUInt32(EsnHex, 16), 2);
Stuck here. Now m got complete binary data
and i need to take last 6 digits as per python
script and prefix "80". 
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Agreed. To take the last n digits of a string s, you can use: s.Substring(s.Length - n). –  Douglas Feb 5 '12 at 16:33

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How about something like this:

static void Main(string[] args)
    UInt64 EsnDec = 2161133276;
    //Convert to String
    string Esn = EsnDec.ToString();
    Esn = "80" + Esn.Substring(Esn.Length - 6);
    //Convert back to UInt64
    EsnDec = Convert.ToUInt64(Esn);
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The last 6 decimal characters will be the last 20 bits. I think the OP wants the last 6 bits; which is ~1.5 dec characters. –  user7116 Feb 5 '12 at 16:41

Use String.Substring:

// last 6 characters
string lastsix = m.Substring(m.Length - 6);

Console.WriteLine("80{0}", lastsix);
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