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I see documentation here http://flatironjs.org/ to create a app skeleton. The command specified is,

flatiron create <type> <app-name>

But I do not see any values for the "type". I tried http and it did not work. Any inputs appreciated.

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I think that the documentation may be slightly out of sync with the current code. For now as far as I can tell the correct command line command is:

flatiron create <app-name>

This creates a cli skeleton app and for a web app you will have to make some changes to your app.js file along the lines of the http-sample.js file which you can find at:


You will also need to add union to your package dependencies.

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The cmd : flatiron create <app-name> will actually by default generate the a http app skeleton. If you enter flatiron create --help on the cli you'll get:

help: Generates a flatiron skeleton application. If no <type>
help: is specified an HTTP application will be created.
help: <type> can currently be either cli or http
help: create <app-name> <type>

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