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How can i extend default lib search path in ubuntu(in a way that it is also persistent) ? no, I do not want export LD_LIBRARY_PATH based temporary solution, rather some way to extend the default lib search path ?

while google-ing, I cam across some info, that in ubuntu the default search path resides in /etc/ , but editing libc.conf does not extended the default path.. so i think either i am doing it wrong, or something is missing...

the edited libc.conf looks like...

# libc default configuration
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create (as root) a new file in /etc/ containing, the new path.

For example:

    # echo "/path-to-your-libs/" > /etc/

after that run

    sudo ldconfig

No need to change libc.conf.

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got it, i forgot ldconfig after libraries update... :) !!! thanks. – P M Feb 6 '12 at 12:09
Thanks! Note that just ".conf" file without name before extension doesn't work. – Andrei Pokrovsky Mar 25 '15 at 4:35

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