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Does anyone know how to set the height of Safari's Web Inspector? It takes up about 75% of my browser window, so I have to resize it manually each time. Here's a screenshot showing the problem:


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Well, For me, Chrome is not an option, and there is a solution: i was having the same problem and found that, if i did exactly the following procedure, i managed to set the height of the 'docked' Inspector:

  • Open any web page
  • Call the Inspector (Command-Option-I)
  • Undock the Inspector by clicking the dock/undock icon
  • Change its Undocked height and width to roughly a height that you would like when it is docked, and roughly the same width as your browser window; make sure to change its position too (move it a little in any direction to make sure all params are recorded)
  • Close the Undocked Inspector
  • Call the Inspector again (Command-Option-I --hasn't changed)
  • Dock the Inspector
  • Quit Safari.

That should now stick Launch Safari and enjoy your new docked Inspector's window height..

Basically, the height of the docked Inspector is about the same as that of the undocked Inspector....

Strangely, i couldn't find the preference in the file... i thought it might be the variable:

NSWindow Frame Web Inspector 2

but changing its values did not have any effect (i think that the values linked to that variable are, in order:

(left, bottom, width, height, 0, 0, available-width, available-height)
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The only thing you can do about it is using chrome instead of safari. This issue has been detected since safari 5.0 . It was even worse before, because whenever you opened web inspector it opened in an independent window. I think it will probably be fixed in the next version of safari.

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