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I can't find an answer to this question anywhere. Somebody else asked a similar question: ( Facebook Timeline Flash Embed Dimensions ) but it wasn't really answered satisfactorily.

I have a url that I embed on the news feed. It has these open graph tags:

<meta property="og:video:height" content="393" /> 
<meta property="og:video:width" content="386" />

When I post it on the news feed, it is sized correctly:

when I post it on the timeline, it is all wrong, almost half of the thumbnail and video is clipped, and there is clearly enough width available to display it properly.

I can't find documentation on this anywhere.

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I think I've figured this out....on the timeline, there is a menu item "resize", that when clicked, loads the video in a way that is "correct". I suppose this is a workaround until Facebook figures out something better. – Musical Shore Feb 5 '12 at 23:49

There is a bug on facebook about this:

It's still not fixed.

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