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What shortcuts do you use for file navigation in Gedit? Does anyone use the file browser?

I thought that these shortcuts would exist, but I can't find anything about them:

  • switch focus to/from the file browser.
  • disclose folder contents. (Most applications use up/down arrows for moving up and down, and the right/left arrows to open/disclose the folders.)

Do these exist?

Thanks, Loren

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I'm going to assume at this point that no one knows of these. (The only semi-useful shortcut I have found is F9, which simply shows/hides the file browser.)

Even the official shortcut list doesn't show anything regarding these two features: http://live.gnome.org/Gedit/KeyboardShortcuts

For now, I'll submit this as a bug. Please let me know if this changes, so I can inform the dev team.


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