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i need to update a certain row in table, already did "validators" to assure 1 row edit when checkbox is checked after clicking some other button, so far i wrote something like:


        $("#meetingspanel tr td").find(":checked").parent().parent().children.eq(0).append(document.getElementById("modsub").value);
        $("#meetingspanel tr td").find(":checked").parent().parent().children.eq(2).append(document.getElementById("modwhere").value);
        $("#meetingspanel tr td").find(":checked").parent().parent().children.eq(3).append(document.getElementById("modwhen").value);
        $("#meetingspanel tr td").find(":checked").parent().parent().children.eq(4).append(document.getElementById("modtime").value);
        $("#meetingspanel tr td").find(":checked").parent().parent().children.eq(5).append(document.getElementById("modwho").value);


notice Meetingspanel is my table, and all those Modsubject and etc are my textboxes. and tblmod is the table of all textboxes and the update button. thanks

    <table id='tblmod' width='80%' align='center' >
<tr bgcolor='white'>
<td width='15%'>
Enter Subject<input type="text" id="modsubject" width="15%">
<td width='15%'>
Enter Location<input type="text" id="modwhere" width="15%">
<td width='15%'>
Enter When<input type="text" id="modwhen" width="15%">
<td width='15%'>
Enter Time<input type="text" id="modtime" width="15%">
<td width='15%'>
Enter With Who<input type="text" id="modwho" width="15%">
<tr><th align="right" style=border-width:0px><button type="button" id="btnsavechanges" value="Save New Changes" >Save Changes</button></th></tr>
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So what's the problem/question? What have you tried? –  j08691 Feb 5 '12 at 20:28
problem is, that it doesnt work...i haven't wrote it right i guess...nothing happens..entered alert after first row and it doesnt get there ! –  Ori Refael Feb 5 '12 at 20:43
what does your table look like? –  Rahul Feb 5 '12 at 20:52
what does your table look like. I'm almost certain those selectors can be shortened down quite a bit. Also, what does the debugger show? –  Andy Feb 5 '12 at 21:08

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Without knowing your markup or what you are trying to do completely, I can only point out the mistakes in your code.

  1. You are using children as a property which is a function so use it like function children().

  2. Instead of using parent().parent() you can using closest('tr').

  3. If you want to update the value of input element use val() method, append will not work.

  4. If the element has an id then use id selector instead of using document.getElementById(). This will only reduce your code no much difference though.

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