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I have two schemas.

1.Schema A

2.Schema B

I need to do following.

  1. I want create some tables in schema B (same as some tables in A)
  2. Then Move data from A to B.

Now I want to do ALL this from schema A. I have written a package which when executed in A will create all the tables in B and then create synonyms for them in A. And then will just select data from its own tables and insert into B's tables.

VERY IMP : Now this entire thing has to happen in one go. Just an execution of one begin block should do the entire job.

Problem : But now the synonyms would not work because Schema A does not have any privs on the tables it created in B .

so is there a way to create tables (from A to B ) with all the privs given at the creation time ? Or can the schemas be switched in PL-SQL while execution so that privs can be granted from B to A ? (I am sure this can not be done, but nothing is impossible they say ! :O :P so asking )

Please help me guys ! All suggestions are welcome !

The Main objective of this job is to do it in one go and from only one schema.

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You can define a procedure which will run under definer rights, instead of caller rights

END definer_test;

You would define such a procedure in schema B, which does the job and call it from schema A.

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Thanks Olivier ! Seems this can do the job – BobadKanda Feb 6 '12 at 13:14

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