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Anyone know why the code below would run about 4 times slower on Android 3.2 (Samsung Galaxy 10.1" Tab) than it does on 2.3.3 (Motorola Droid X)?

On Android 2.3.3, the client.execute() call takes on average 350ms. Under 3.2 it takes on average 1400ms.

Also, the results are the same regardless of whether it is run in the UI thread or a background thread.

Is this an OS bug or hardware issue? Or am I not doing something right in my code? Unfortunately I can't get ADB to attach to my 3.2 virtual device, so I can't rule out hardware problems, but my gut feeling tells me this is a Honeycomb issue.

HttpResponse resp = null;
HttpParams params = new BasicHttpParams();
params.setParameter(CoreProtocolPNames.PROTOCOL_VERSION, HttpVersion.HTTP_1_1);
HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient(params);
ArrayList<BasicNameValuePair> postParms = new ArrayList<BasicNameValuePair>();
postParms.add(new BasicNameValuePair("name", "test"))

    HttpPost hp = new HttpPost("http://myserver/path/method");
    UrlEncodedFormEntity formEntity = new UrlEncodedFormEntity(postParms);

    Long start = SystemClock.elapsedRealtime();
    resp = client.execute(hp);
    Long stop = SystemClock.elapsedRealtime();
    Log.i("Time = " + (stop-start) + "ms");
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Are both requests being performed over WiFi? –  Adam Mihalcin Feb 5 '12 at 22:58
Yes, both are over WiFi. –  d60402 Feb 6 '12 at 2:25

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If you're not timing anything else, install a terminal and look at top on the Galaxy Tab, to be sure that CPU isn't being consumed by e.g. android.process.media.

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Total CPU peak only gets to 16%. And android.process.media is not even in the top 20. –  d60402 Feb 6 '12 at 2:40

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