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I'm trying to track down a memory leak in a Node.js app. I've tried installing v8-profiler but it will not compile... it looks like a dead project that a lot of people are trying to use but getting the same problem - pretty-much from about node 0.3.2 so quite a while ago.

Does anyone know of a way to hunt down memory leaks in a Node.js app without using v8-profiler? I have Eclipse running with the V8 remote debugging working but cannot find a way to see memory usage / heaps etc.

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Have you looked at The author includes a link in the Readme to a more recent (Apr 11) fork of v8-profiler.

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Hi, yes I found that in my googling but that version of v8-profiler also fails to compile with Node 0.6.10. – Rob Evans Feb 13 '12 at 10:07
Looks like v8-profiler has been updated to support Node 0.6.10, I'll test it out and post back if it works ok. – Rob Evans Feb 13 '12 at 10:07
Were you ever able to successfully profile the memory of your nodejs app? – Dested Jun 8 '12 at 6:03
Profiler does not work, see the issues list on the project. This project appears to be dead. – Drew Nov 19 '12 at 19:22
Also v8 profiler doesn't seem to scale - a snapshot of 500mb heap takes forever. – nponeccop Nov 21 '12 at 8:29

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