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I have one web application and virtual application in Azure. They are separate projects in VS2010 and I have added them to one solution with one Azure deployment project.

I have created multiple web.configs to control parameters, ie web.debug.config etc.

When I publish to azure I specify debug which works for the main application but the virtual application is pointing to the web.config not the variants. How do I correct this please?

Many Thanks, Steve.

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The solution that worked for me from

To fix this, unload your Azure project, open the project file for edit and add the tag [under the corresponding PropertyGroup]:

<Project ...>    


There's also a workaround, it will work for a local development, but not for continuous integration (or at least you will have to find another trick).

  1. In your service definition file add a new Site section:
<Site name="AnotherSite" physicalDirectory="c:\AnotherSite">
    <Binding name="APIEndpoint" endpointName="AnotherSiteEndpoint" />
  1. Add a new endpoint to match the code above (any port works):
<InputEndpoint name="AnotherSiteEndpoint" protocol="http" port="623" />
  1. Go to your web-project --> right-click --> Publish... --> FTP --> Location = "c:\AnotherSite"

  2. Press F5 and go to

It should work.

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Thanks Nikita. Was on my phone the other day and couldn't comment but was allowed to mark it answered. – Steve Newton Feb 25 '12 at 13:37

Web application always uses web.config. If you want to use debug / release versions you have to create web.config Transformation. In this case web.config is transformed at build time using selected build target.

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I have created the transformations but it is ignored for the virtual app, the main app does pay attention ot the build target. Thanks for replying though. – Steve Newton Feb 8 '12 at 21:01

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