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I am trying to implement an application that displays a report using the report viewer on Windows Form. The report also consists of a sub report.

Without the sub report, I am able to display the report with no problems. However, after I added the sub-report in, I receive the error "Some parameters or credentials have not been specified".

I have implemented in the following manner: I call on the SubreportProcessingEventHandler before adding the datasource to my parent report. In the event of a SubreportProcessing, I will add the datasource for the subreport.

I have also tried implementing with a sub report that does not need any parameters. However, I still receive the same error "Some parameters or credentials have not been specified".

Is there any mistakes which I have made? Thanks!

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I had a similar error although it wasn't related to subreports.

I made the error go away by changing




NOTE: In report viewer 2010 it says this method is obsolete but it seems to work OK in my tests so far.

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ReportViewer.RefreshReport() also seems to work –  MikeG Nov 17 '10 at 16:37

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