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I am trying to come up with an idea for a system that I am developing and so far I have wrote the following:

    group -> User/admin




What I am developing is a listing website that enables the client to create a listing in this process:

Register Create listing - Fill out information select date images etc Payment

I am after feedback on how I could improve my structure

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Instead of a GROUP in the USERS table, you can introduce a GROUP table and USERS_GROUP mapping table. In this way, multiple groups can be associated with a user. This could make sense if the group is thought of as a "role" and access to different parts of the app are controlled by role. That general idea can be applied to other columns as well, for example LISTINGTYPE can be factored out and mapped to the LISTING table if you want to allow multiple listing types to a listing. To figure out what to factor into separate tables, for each field try to think if you may ever want to:

  • associate multiple "types" with the record (the group example)
  • add more attribute information to the "type" (ex the listing may have a short name along with a longer description...)
  • change associated values over time (for example, what if the user changes email, do you still want the old email associated with an old listing? If so, the email address should be mapped to the user with an effective date)

You might not want to store the password in the user table. Perhaps a better practice is to store an "encrypted password". Take the new password, run it through your hash, store it. When the user authenticates, run the provided password through the hash, see if it matches the stored hash.

Gallery has id and galleryid. Are these distinct?

You may wish to have creation date with the listing along with the expiry. Creation and last modified fields tend to come in handy in many tables.

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