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I have one million URL list to fetch. I use this list as nutch seeds and use the basic crawl command of Nutch to fetch them. However, I find that Nutch automatically fetches not-on-list URLs. I do set the crawl parameters as -depth 1 -topN 1000000. But it does not work. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Set this property in nutch-site.xml. (by default its true so it adds outlinks to the crawldb)

  <description>If true, updatedb will add newly discovered URLs, if false
  only already existing URLs in the CrawlDb will be updated and no new
  URLs will be added.
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  • Delete the crawl and urls directory (if created before)
  • Create and Update the seed file ( where URLs are listed 1URL per row)
  • Restart the crawling process


nutch crawl urllist -dir crawl -depth 3 -topN 1000000
  • urllist - Directory where seed file (url list) is present
  • crawl - Directory name

Even if the problem persists, try to delete your nutch folder and restart the whole process.

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I do not want Nutch to crawl outlinks from the seeds, but just the URLs I give as seeds. – Xiao Feb 6 '12 at 17:49

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