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So I need to make an app integrated on a page that sends messages to other FB users. The information comes from my website. So which would be the optimal way to go?

Technically the documentation says that Tabs are for pages that use my own content. in an iframe. But it says apps are used to interact with Facebook. Seeing as documentation is a bit watered down on this topic, could someone please explain what the two actually do?

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Both are really the same, it just depends on how/where you want your iframe'd content to be displayed.

Both canvas apps and page tab apps have a url pointing to your server (this is the use your own content part) that gets displayed inside of an iframe.

When using apps, you can also ask your users to login. Once they've granted login/authorization for your app, then you can use the graph API to get content from Facebook's data as well as create like, events, wall posts, and other things (this is the interact with Facebook part). Happy Coding!

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So as I understand it if I use the Page Tab version it gets displayed as a section of my Facebook Page. But in essence, could I request authorization from users to post to send invite notifications from their friends to use the app and view my content? In order to be non-intrusive I'd imagine posting an invite to use the app is better than annoying wall posts. – Ancarius Feb 7 '12 at 8:08
I don't see why not when using a Page Tab app. Happy coding. – DMCS Feb 7 '12 at 14:15

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