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To simplify things, I have one local SVN repository D:\folder\repo_name and I have svnserve running as a service with root set to the mentioned path. Subclipse and SmartSVN can connect to the repository, also displays the correct head revision number, but when I try to explore the trunk (the only branch) it gives the following error: URL 'svn://localhost/trunk' non-existent in that revision. This while I can check out the complete repository perfectly fine. But I don't need the all the branches, I need just the contents of the trunk.

When I try to commit I get the error Authentication failed. However my credentials were fine when checking out earlier.

When I try to get my stuff out of there and move to GIT (which I suppose would be best as everything is always kept local), the git svn clone process completes, I see all my revisions and files pass in GIT Bash, and then try to import it in Eclipse. I see that it tries to import the project into the repository directory itself (see Needless to say I get the error in the shape of D:\folder\repo_name_git overlaps the location of another project: 'repo_name_git' What I don't get is why I can't seem to find a single way to let me specify where I want the project to import into.

Alternatively, when I add the project in the git repository as an existing project into Eclipse, and then - through the Team > Share menu - try to get under version control, I get the error Can not move project to target location D:\folder\repo_name_git, as this location overlaps with location D:\folder\repo_name_git, which contains a .project file

I'm at a loss and these errors are to generic to give me an idea of how to tackle them. Any heads up would be appreciated.

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2 points:

  1. I was getting "Authentication failed" on "correct" credentials - except the plugin I used was forcing the first letter of my username to uppercase - check the case of your username (upper or lower).
  2. I've just had a problem moving onto a Subversion 1.7 repository, which is not supported by my Subversive plugin, and I was getting some strange errors.
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