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When I load my web page, I want my background image to exactly match my window size. I have the following code. It is giving me an error: $("body") is null. The page loads and the background has an image, however, the background is not the correct size.

  function resizeFrame() 
      var h = window.screen.height;
      var w = window.screen.width;
      $('body').css('background-size', w + 'px ' + h + 'px' );

What is the correct way to resize my background image in this javascript?

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Wrap the code to resize in $(function() { }). This will ensure the DOM is ready to be modified before your code executes.

$(function() {
   $(window).resize(function() {
       $('body').css('background-size', $(this).width() + 'px ' + $(this).height() + 'px');

You should just be able to use CSS...

body {
    background-size: 100% 100%;

Assuming your body element is defined to fill the viewport.

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call the function after page loading completed.

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