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I'm trying to make a "picture palette", where you have a bunch of images and can drag & drop them to replace the image in a particular div.

Drag works, the drop event registers, but the passed ui object doesn't seem to contain a clone of the dragged image as expected. What's wrong?


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ui.helper is an array with 1 element. Console logging is an excellent feature that helps debug javascript. You need to either have Chrome, or Firefox with "Developer Tools" plugin installed.



[<img src=​"http:​/​/​jsfiddle.net/​img/​logo.png" class=​"ui-draggable" style=​"position:​ absolute;​ left:​ 1px;​ top:​ 28px;​ opacity:​ 1;​ ">​]
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You're right, it does indeed contain the image element as I expected. I wonder if I'm misunderstanding the documentation... –  bdares Feb 6 '12 at 4:33

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