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I have a function which runs based on a setInterval() call. It looks like this:

function update()
    destinationY = targetPage.offset().top - $("div#reel").offset().top;
    currentY -= (currentY - destinationY) / REEL_EASE;


This updates the position of the document constantly to give the effect of a sliding animation, sliding towards certain points which are stored by the navigation items.

I want to not run the above code if the scrollbar has been clicked on the page. How can I call a method when the scrollbar is clicked?

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You can't detect when the bar itself is clicked. The closest you can get is attaching a handler to window.onscroll, which is fired only when the scrollbar's position changes (clicking to scroll or mouse wheel up/down to scroll).


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This isn't an exact answer, but you should be able to use the scroll event to keep track of whether the scrollbar is being used: http://api.jquery.com/scroll/

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That seems to fire when the above in my question is called as well though, ideas? –  Marty Feb 6 '12 at 3:19
This sounds similar to what you're trying to achieve: stackoverflow.com/questions/8858994/… –  Kyle Feb 6 '12 at 3:30

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