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I have 3 links and every link do some animation

    $("a#home_hits").click(function () {    
    $(".hits").animate({left: "549px", opacity: 1}, { duration: 1500, queue: false });  

    $("a#home_hits1").click(function () {   
        $(".hits1").animate({left: "549px", opacity: 1}, { duration: 1500, queue: false });

    $("a#home_hits2").click(function () {
        $(".hits2").animate({left: "549px", opacity: 1}, { duration: 1500, queue: false });

but the problem is if I click on any link the other links still working

I tried this code with no luck

$('a').click(function () {
if ($('div:animated')) {
    return false;


what can I do to disable the other links while animation is done

thank you

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You can easily disable your links while animation is running

$('a').click(function () {
    if ($(':animated').length) {
    return false;

You can of course replace the $('a') selector to match only some of the links.

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fixed with css trick ... thank you all – Mohammad Ereiqat Feb 6 '12 at 4:57

$('div:animated') doesn't return null, but rather a jquery object with 0 elements. You can use $('div:animated').length > 0 in that case.

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Your if statement:

if ($('div:animated')) { 

isn't doing what you think, because $('div:animated') always returns an object even when no elements matched the selector and any object is going to be truthy as far as the if is concerned. You need to test the .length property to see if any elements matched:

if ($('div:animated').length > 0) {

Note: given the relationship between the ids in your anchor elements and the class names in the elements you want to animate you can setup all three animations with a single function.

EDIT: you can use this to set a flag as to whether there's an animation currently running:

var animationInProgress = false;

$('a[id^="home_hits"]').click(function () {
    if (animationInProgress)
        return false;
    animationInProgress = true;
    $("_")[1]).animate({left: "549px", opacity: 1},
                                     { duration: 1500, queue: false,
                                       complete : function() {
                                            animationInProgress = false;
                                       } });

(That uses the ^= starts with selector to put a click handler on all the anchors at once, then inside the function uses the part of the id after the underscore as the classname to animate.)

EDIT: To fit with your existing code, you are already returning false from your $("a").click() handler, but although that will cancel the default behaviour and prevent the event bubbling up through the DOM it will not prevent other event handlers on the a elements from running. To do that use stopImmediatePropagation():

$('a').click(function (e) {
   if ($(':animated').length > 0) {
      return false;
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still the same problem but I think it's my fault. let me show you the whole function window.onload = (function(){try{ $('a').click(function () { if ($(':animated').length > 0) { return false; } }); $("a#home_hits").click(function () { $(".block1").animate({left: "549px", opacity: 1}, { duration: 1500, queue: false }); }); $("a#home_hits1").click(function () { $(".block2").animate({left: "549px", opacity: 1}, { duration: 1500, queue: false }); }); $("a#home_hits2").click(function () { $(".block3").animate({left: "549px", opacity: 1}, { duration: 1500, queue: false }); }); }catch(e){}}); – Mohammad Ereiqat Feb 6 '12 at 3:57
I've updated my question with a couple of options. I think the way you are doing it will work if you add .stopImmediatePropagation(), though a handler on $("a") will stop all links from working so the user won't be able to navigate to other pages in your site until the animation finishes. The other approach is to combine all your $("a#...") handlers as shown in my answer and then either use a flag like I've shown or use if ($(':animated').length > 0) return false; – nnnnnn Feb 6 '12 at 4:18

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