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I'm new with cakephp .. sorry, if my question seems basic.. I have models: user, post, comment, all related and need to show comments on the post view .... but also want to show the username and I can't access this field of the user model. I have user_id and post_id in comment.php model and user_id in post.php model, but inside the loop how can i access the username field of the user model??

I have this on ... posts / view.ctp

    <?php foreach ($post['Comment'] as $comment): ?>            
    <tr<?php echo $class;?>>

    // this does not work
    // echo $comment['user_id']['username'];

    <td><?php echo $comment['user_id']; ?>   

        <td><?php echo $comment['created'];?></td>
    <td><?php echo $comment['content'];?></td>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

then how could I fix it?? thanks...

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solved the problem .... the most common way of trial and error .. how to fix it was ..

  $this->Post->recursive = 2; //in posts_controller.php

and then ...

 <?php foreach ($post['Comment'] as $comment): ?>            
 <tr<?php echo $class;?>>
 <!-- this is the way to access -->
 <td><?php echo $comment['User']['username']; ?></td>
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Did you set auth in your any of you controller.If not,add it in your controllers and try using
$this->Auth->user('username'); which will give you current user username any where in you controller.You can use this in your view like this


//returns particular field value by this you can get everything from you User table in any acontroller Find out more about Aut component here

I can make my answer better if you can post how you coded your controller....and pass exact errors that your peroject interrupts..

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