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I have a table: test(id, name1, name2) and data in table test(1, "test1", "test2") I using query:

Select name1 From test Where name1.name2 like '%t1te%'

Can I using 2 field name1+name2 and result return is name1 ?

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Looks like you're after CONCAT:

SELECT name1
FROM test
WHERE CONCAT(name1,name2) LIKE '%t1te%';
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You can use CONCAT in such case

WHERE CONCAT(name1,name2) like %searchName%

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Of course you can concatenate two columns and match the result to a pattern with LIKE:

SELECT name1
FROM   test
WHERE  CONCAT_WS('', name1, name2) LIKE '%t1te%';

The tricky part with the CONCAT() function or the concatenation operator || (with ANSI SQL mode) is this: if one of the string values is NULL, the result is NULL. You can avoid this with COALCESCE(), but this gets unwieldy quickly, because either one or both or none can be NULL.

There is a simpler way. Use CONCAT_WS(), this function ignores NULL values; and use an empty string as separator as demonstrated above.

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