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Is it possible to use 'inline' fields in a MVC Grid? How? I have tried several ways I can imagine like:


It shows up, but if try to edit, get SQLException errors like:

Could not execute query: update programaPago pp set temp_pago=34 where (alumno_id = '1') and (programaPago = '1')

But can'f figure that out... Thanks again

Here are my involved models:

class Model_ProgramaPago extends Model_Table {
public $entity_code='programaPago';
public $table_alias='pp';
function init(){

    $this->addField('fechaVencimiento')->caption('Fecha de Vencimiento')->type('date')->mandatory(true);
    $this->addField('montoPagado')->caption('Monto Pagado')->type('money')->calculated(true);
    $this->addField('montoPendiente')->caption('Monto Pendiente')->type('money')->calculated(true);
    $this->addField('temp_pago')->caption('Este Pago')->type('money')->mandatory(true);
function calculate_montoPagado(){
    return "SELECT SUM( caja.monto ) FROM caja  WHERE caja.programaPago_id =".

function calculate_montoPendiente(){

    return "(SELECT ( programaPago.monto - COALESCE(iTotal.TotalMonto,0)) Result
            FROM programaPago LEFT JOIN 
            (SELECT programaPago_id, SUM(monto) as TotalMonto
            FROM caja GROUP BY programaPago_id) as iTotal
            ON programaPago.ID = iTotal.programaPago_id
            WHERE programaPago.ID =".



And here is the one beiing called from the calculate funcitons:

class Model_Caja extends Model_Table {
public $entity_code='caja';
public $table_alias='c';
function init(){


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they are not in a very good state. It's best if you reload row content with a horizontal form or use some other control for time being. – romaninsh Feb 6 '12 at 14:06
MY first option was to use input form fields as a column, wich can be done either via html or template, but I didn't knew how to control them, is there way? – mcanedo Feb 6 '12 at 15:38 is this working for you if you try exactly same code locally? – romaninsh Feb 6 '12 at 23:06
why do you have space in SQL expression? Is the model working when used in CRUD ? – romaninsh Feb 6 '12 at 23:07
The editablef example does not work properly in my local instalation. When I change the value, it updates, but then It renders the full grid again inside the name field. – mcanedo Feb 7 '12 at 2:17

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