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In the WWDC 2011 Session Videos, Session 501 (iCloud Storage), about 6:00 through:

iCloud will go peer-to-peer when possible. While the truth is in the cloud, the data itself will take a shortcut. So if you have 2 devices that are on the same wireless network and are associated to the same iCloud account, they will go ahead and move the data between each other just as if it would have downloaded it directly from iCloud.

I have spent the last few days experimenting with iCloud and have finally managed to get an iPhone app exchange documents with a companion Mac app. I have ran many tests and it seems like, although the 2 devices are on the same wireless network, the data is not being exchange directly between them, and instead it taking the long road by getting uploaded from the iPhone to iCloud and then back to my Mac.

I'm uploading a 9.3MB file using the iPhone, which takes about 1min until NSMetadataUbiquitousItemPercentUploadedKey reaches 100, and then from there it takes about 10s for my Mac to have the file downloaded. Both are hooked up to an Airport Extreme.

If the data was to take such a shortcut as described in the session video, I doubt the data would take over 1 min to reach the other device. Could there be something wrong with my configuration? Has anyone successfully managed to observe data being exchanged between devices directly?

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I've seen data syncing (little amounts) very quickly between my 2 devices connected to the same wifi router (having 100mbps internet access though). And it was quite slow for the same amount of data on a good 3G connection. But I cannot say for sure whether it went p2p in the first case –  Kostiantyn Sokolinskyi Feb 9 '12 at 7:24
The 100mbps wouldn't make a difference if the file went p2p. How little of a file? I tried with a ~1MB file and it took about 10s to reach the other device (which is on the same network). –  samvermette Feb 9 '12 at 18:23
CoreData app. So just SQLite transactions logs. No direct measurements. You can try to make an experiment drastically reducing your router external connection speed and see how it affects the data exchange –  Kostiantyn Sokolinskyi Feb 10 '12 at 4:09

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