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So in my rails console. This is what I get if I check

1.9.2p290 :014 >
 => 2012-02-06 01:00:43 -0500 
1.9.2p290 :015 >
 => "EST"

In my application.rb I have set the time zone as follows:

config.time_zone = 'Eastern Time (US & Canada)'
config.active_record.default_timezone = 'Eastern Time (US & Canada)'

However, when I store something into the database, it is still 5 hours off:

1.9.2p290 :011 > event = => 'blah', :status_id => 1, :service_id => 1, :created_at =>
 => #<Event id: nil, message: "blah", status_id: 1, service_id: 1, created_at: "2012-02-06 05:55:26", updated_at: nil>

Why is it five hours off? If I compare the zones of each, this is what I get:

1.9.2p290 :016 >
 => "EST" 
1.9.2p290 :017 >
 => "EST" 
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Ok I fixed the issue. Looks like this line in application.rb was causing a problem. config.active_record.default_timezone = 'Eastern Time (US & Canada)'

ActiveRecord will use the local time zone by default according to the ActiveRecord::Timestamp docs.

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in AR 3.2.1, you must either set this option to :utc or :local, or you will receive this warning:

warning: :database_timezone option must be :utc or :local - defaulting to :local

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