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I need to do a keyword search in Java Script using REST API calls in MS Dynamics CRM.

IS it possible to do cause i see only create, update, retrieve and delete REST endpoints.

Please pour your thoughts, how it can be implemented in Javascript and if not in Javascript then how?

And is there a LIKE query option or a similar functionality keyword, which can be used as a filter in the query.

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Have you tried to build your query using the ODATA Query Designer: http://crm2011odatatool.codeplex.com/ ?

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I already tried ODATA Query Designer. I dont have a LIKE query option. So what i did was, I used the substring query option to make the search which is the maximum i can get from ODATA for search.

/$filter=substringof('<searchString>','<entity property>')"
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MS Dynamics CRM supports Open Data Protocol
Here described how to use it inside CRM OData System Query Options Using the REST Endpoint
Also you can see at function

 retrieveMultipleRecords: function (type, options, successCallback, errorCallback, OnComplete) {

in this sample Sample: Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete Using the REST Endpoint with JavaScript

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Thanks pal. Already saw that. I need to make search using the like keyword. And all is available is the substring in the query options. Probably will have to use it i guess. –  rozar Feb 6 '12 at 10:21

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