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I'm trying to parse a json response data from youtube api but i keep getting an error.

Here is the snippet where it choking:

data = json.loads("""{ "entry":{ "etag":"W/\"A0UGRK47eCp7I9B9WiRrYU0.\"" } }""")

..and this happens:

JSONDecodeError: Expecting , delimiter: line 1 column 23 (char 23)

I've confirmed that it's valid json and I have no control over the formatting of it so how can I get past this error?

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You'll need a r before """, or replace all \ with \\. This is not something you should care about when read the json from somewhere else, but something in the string itself.

data = json.loads(r"""{ "entry":{ "etag":"W/\"A0UGRK47eCp7I9B9WiRrYU0.\"" } }""")

see here for more information

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that was it. thanks! –  ofko Feb 6 '12 at 6:44

You need to add r before your json string.

>>> st = r'{ "entry":{ "etag":"W/\"A0UGRK47eCp7I9B9WiRrYU0.\"" } }'
>>> data = json.loads(st)
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I think it's better to use """ instead of ' to enclose the json because the data can have unescaped single quotes in it. Thanks for the answer. –  ofko Feb 6 '12 at 6:50
@ofko: I know that I just wrote this for clarity. –  RanRag Feb 6 '12 at 6:53

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