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I'm using this plugin. It works, and everything's fine. But is there an option I can plug into it so that if the url length is longer than "X", then truncate it, and add "..."?

Right now the URLs are so long.

I notice in the demo there is a "handleLinks" callback function, but how do I use that?

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If you will cut the link then it will be useless as a link but if you want to display it like this then you can implement some other jQuery plugin to implement this. – NAVEED Feb 6 '12 at 6:56
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You're right, you can use handleLinks callback function. For example I wrote simple functional that you need:

handleLinks: function (links) {
    for (var i = 0, cnt = links.length, tmpLink; i < cnt; i++) {
        tmpLink = links[i].innerHTML;
        if (tmpLink.length > 10) {
            links[i].innerHTML = tmpLink.substr(0, 10) + '...';

It truncates links if they longer than 10 characters. You can modify this script by your needs.

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It might be unnecessary, but I'd be tempted to add links[i].title = tmpLink; just to be sure that there's a means by which the user can see the full URL (I know it's visible in the status bar at the bottom of the screen, but even so...). – David Thomas Feb 9 '12 at 15:52

For URL truncating I choose to shorten in the middle, as the domain and file are usually more important than the directory path.

Taken and adapted for this question from my GitHub fork of Andrew Plummer's JavaScript Library Sugar.

String.prototype.shorten = function(length, position, countSplitter, splitter) {
  if (this.length < 1 && length < 1) return String(this);

  if (!(typeof(splitter) === 'string')) splitter = '...';
  if (!(typeof(countSplitter) === 'boolean')) countSplitter = true;

  var balance = (countSplitter) ? splitter.length : 0;

  if (length <= balance || this.length <= length) return String(this);

  // Perform shortening
  var shortened, beforeSplitter, afterSplitter;

  if (position == 'left') {
    afterSplitter = this.substring(this.length - length + balance, this.length - 1);
    shortened = splitter + afterSplitter;
  } else if (position == 'right') {
    beforeSplitter = this.substring(0, length - balance);
    shortened = beforeSplitter + splitter;
  } else {
    beforeSplitter = this.substring(0, Math.ceil((length / 2) - (balance / 2)));
    afterSplitter = this.substring(this.length - Math.floor((length / 2) - (balance / 2)), this.length);
    shortened = beforeSplitter + splitter + afterSplitter;

  return shortened;

Example of shortening a Url so the resultant string is 20 characters long:

var toShorten = '';
var shortened = toShorten.shorten(20); // Output: 'http://st...-the-url'

Note: this code has only been proof read and not unit tested. The Sugar implementation has been unit tested, however.

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