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I have the following error: "Validation failed: Email address is already used" while trying to run feature for Devise user signing in.

I suspect the problem is in Factory generated user, which somehow being created twice with the same email address. I tried to run rake db:test:prepare in order to reset test database, unfortunately, with no results.

my user_factory.rb

Factory.define :user do |user| "user_#{rand(1000).to_s}"
  user.password "password"
  user.confirmed_at nil

Steps, which are failing with validation error are "Then I should be registered and signed in" and "And user signs in". my signing_in.feature

Feature: Signing in
  In order to use the site
  As a user
  I want to be able to sign in

  Scenario: Signing in via confirmation
    Given there is an unconfirmed user
    And I open the email with subject "Confirmation instructions"
    And they click the first link in the email
    Then I should be registered and signed in

  Scenario: Signing in via form
    Given there is a confirmed user
    And I am on the homepage
    And user signs in
    Then I should see "Signed in successfully"

my user_steps.rb

def unconfirmed_user
  @unconfirmed_user = Factory(:user)

def sign_up user
  visit '/users/sign_up'
  fill_in('Email', :with => "")
  fill_in('Password', :with => user.password)
  fill_in('Password confirmation', :with => user.password)
  click_button('Sign up')

def sign_in user
  visit 'users/sign_in'
  fill_in('Email', :with =>
  fill_in('Password', :with => user.password)
  click_button('Sign in')

When /^I'm signing up$/ do
  sign_up unconfirmed_user

Given /^there is an unconfirmed user$/ do

Given /^there is a confirmed user$/ do

Then /^I should be registered and signed in$/ do
  page.should have_content("Signed in as #{}")

Given /^user signs in$/ do
  sign_in unconfirmed_user.confirm!

When /^I open the email with subject "([^"]*?)"$/ do |subject|
  open_email(, :with_subject => subject)

What it can be? Thanks in advance for your help.

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You should be clearing the database between tests, mostly using database_cleaner. Check the manual because configuration varies between setups. We are using this one (in env.rb):

DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :truncation
Before do

Also, you should remove the rand directive in the factories file and use the goodies FactoryGirl provides:

 u.sequence(:email){|n| "user_#{n}" }
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Also, shouldn't you be filling in the email field with in the signup method too? – AlistairH Feb 6 '12 at 15:52

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