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hi i have two string of arrays. But i can't figure out how to add the some of the value from an array into another.

here is my code.

string result[];
string[] hidden;
for (var cek = 1; cek < st.Count(); cek++) 
hidden[cek] = result[cek];

the first string has already filled with values. and i want to add some values from result into hidden. but why does it says use of unassigned local variable?

is there some mistake or should i use other methods rather than this?

EDIT 1 i cannot determine the length of hidden array because it's not always the same, the length is determine by the input words from a textbox that can be count from st.count()

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what a mess.. what's st? – Shai Feb 6 '12 at 7:47
Add string[] hideen=new string[st.count()] – Hadas Feb 6 '12 at 7:52

For a start, your variable names are terrible. You use the same variable - cek - inside the for loop and outside. This makes it really hard to see what you mean. What do you want this line to do :

string result[cek];

Secondly, you haven't given hidden a size so it's unassigned. I presume this is where you are getting the exception.

Thirdly, what do you want hidden to include when the loop is finished? If you can sort this out I think LINQ might definitely help you to work with the arrays.

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yes im sorry i forgot to cut that. second i cant give it a size, or should i use List<string> to make up for it? – Gamma Feb 6 '12 at 8:04

If you have two arrays

string[] aArray;
string[] bArray;

you can use Union to merge the two.

aArray = aArray.Union(bArray).ToArray();

More on Union here

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You have to assign your hidden array :

string[] hidden = new String[100]; //write length of your array
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"use of unassigned local variable" because you have not assigned a value to hidden. You must initialize it:

int elementCountOfHiddenArray = // something
string[] hidden = new string[elementCountOfHiddenArray];
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The reason for the error message is that you have only created a reference for the array, not the array itself. Use the new keyword to create the array.

There are two more problems with the code:

  • Array indexes start at 0, not 1.
  • Use the Length property of the array. The Count method will loop through the array to find out how many items there are, so that's very inefficient.


// input: string result[]

string[] hidden = new string[result.Length];
for (int cek = 0; cek < result.Length; cek++) {
  hidden[cek] = result[cek];

You can also use the CopyTo method for this:

string[] hidden = new string[result.Length];
result.CopyTo(hidden, 0);
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Well th answer is easy string[] hidden=new string[st.count()]; and if you want to resize the hidden array you should try this Array.Resize(ref hidden,NewLenght);.
And you keep getting the error : use of unassigned local variable because result is empty.

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