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Im doing a small system from Haskell and im getting two errors called "Last generator in do {...} must be an expression" and "Type error in explicitly typed binding Term : (fname,lname,cnic) Type : (a,b,c) Does not match : Database"

im new to haskell so plz help me out.

-------Data types-------

type FirstName = String
type LastName = String
type CustomerNIC = String
type Database = ( FirstName , LastName , CustomerNIC ) 
--type Details = [Database]

------Data base---------

exampleBase :: [Database]
exampleBase = [ ( "Kevin" , "Desilva" , "8929323V" ),( "Nimal" , "Perera" , "89120323V" ) ]

-------Main Menu-----------------------------
getInt :: IO Int
getInt = do line <- getline 
        return (read line :: Int)

selectsearch ::IO()
selectsearch = do 
                    putStr"\n\n\t 1.Search by NIC:"
                    putStr"\n\n\t 2.Search by First Name:"
                    putStr"\n\n\t Your Chocie:"
                    subsearch input

subsearch :: Int->IO()
subsearch x = do
                if(x=1) then do
                                putStr"\n\t Enter NIC:"
                                cnic <- getLine
                else if (x=2) then do
                                putStr"\n\t Enter First Name:"
                                cnic <- getLine
                else if (x=3) then putStr "\n ERROR"

            else MainMenu

------- Search ------------

getfName :: Database -> FirstName 
getfName ( fname , lname , cnic ) = fname

searchByFirstName :: Database -> FirstName -> Database
searchByFirstName (a:ax) fname 
                    | fname == getfName a = a 
                    | length ax == 0 && getfName a/= fname = ("No Data","",0)
                    | otherwise = searchByFirstName ax fname  
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Always tell us which lines the error messages refer to. – dave4420 Feb 6 '12 at 8:28
@dave4420 Line 20 & 13 – Zeus Feb 6 '12 at 8:39
And which lines are those? Code listings on this website aren't automatically numbered. It's usually best to add comments in your code sample to indicate where the errors are. – dave4420 Feb 6 '12 at 8:52

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A few points:

  • There are weird indentation things throughout. Make sure you're using spaces and not tabs.

  • In subsearch, you often have cnic <- getLine (when you probably want getInt), but then not use that in the recursive call.

  • In your if statements, you should have x == 1, etc. rather than x = 1. Also consider using a case statement or guards rather than nested if-then-else.

  • You're missing a "do" in your x == 3 case.

  • getInt is identical to readLn.

  • Your searchByFirstName function could be written better.

  • A Database is made of three String fields, but your error case in searchByFirstName returns a value of type (String, String, Int).

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Thanx for your helped me up-to some extend – Zeus Feb 6 '12 at 10:53

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