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I create a custom cascading list with these values


- CatA_1
- CatA_2


- CatB_1
- CatB_2

create custom remote fields and issue with

RemoteCustomFieldValue[] actionParams2 = new RemoteCustomFieldValue[]{
         new RemoteCustomFieldValue("customfield_10012", null, new String[]{"TestCatA"}),
         new RemoteCustomFieldValue("customfield_10012", "1", new String[]{"CatA_1"})};

but the second value always fails with

faultString: com.atlassian.jira.rpc.exception.RemoteValidationException: {customfield_10012=Value: 'CatA_1' is an invalid Option} : []

Any hints or working samples ?

Thanks for any ideas !

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This changed from JIRA 4.3 to JIRA 4.4. It used to use the values as Strings but now uses IDs I think. Also in the Python JIRA CLI I had to use customfield_10012:1 as the name of the child option.

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Almost pointless to continue with SOAP. since Atlassian is dropping it in favor of REST. I started looking at the REST API. –  javadude Feb 16 '12 at 7:51

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