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db_query gives empty result for some keywords .Here is my query.

$query = "SELECT * FROM `civicrm_contact` WHERE first_name LIKE '%$first_name%'";

It works correctly if the $first_name is Deepak , but not works for deepak.

This is not case sensitivity issue. Becausse it works for other letters. the problem is with the letters staring with d, n,b etc(i think %d, $n,%b working here ).Is there any way to avoid this?
can u please suggest a solution

thanks in advance

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u can use

$query = "SELECT * FROM `civicrm_contact` WHERE first_name LIKE '%%$first_name%'";

Hope it will work.

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Check the Case Sensitivity in String Searches

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Try using something like:

db_query("SELECT * FROM `civicrm_contact` WHERE first_name LIKE '%%s%'", $first_name);
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