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I have a table named contact:

Create table contact (
    Contact_ID int PK NOT NULL,
    Name varchar(20),
    MMS_Contact_ID varchar(10) NOT NULL

When am inserting the first 2 rows, Contact_ID and Name, i want to automatically update the third row (MMS_Contact_ID). Like this:

contact_ID    Name     MMS_Contact_ID
1               A        MMSC000001

When am inserting the second record (id = 2 and Name = B), how can MMS_Contact_ID automatically be updated to MMSC000002?

I think a trigger can help me with this, but how?

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Adapting @aF's answer, I think the select is a) unnecessary and b) a race condition, so:

create trigger trupdcont after insert on contact for each row
set new.MMS_Contact_ID := 'MMSC' + LPAD(convert(varchar, new.contact_ID), 6, '0');

the AFTER INSERT trigger already has the auto-incremented ID

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Yes, you are right :) I've edit my as well. In your answer, it's Contact_ID and not contact_ID. –  aF. Feb 6 '12 at 9:35
Updating of NEW row is not allowed in after trigger.... i got error... but i want to result like when am inserting first two columns data 3 rd column data genrate automaticall... how to get 3rd column data automatically –  Anilkumar Chowdary Feb 6 '12 at 12:12

Something like this:

create trigger trupdcont before insert on contact for each row

set new.MMS_Contact_ID := 'MMSC' + LPAD(convert(varchar, new.Contact_ID), 6, '0');

Before the insert, the trigger checks the max contact_id and update the third column to be "MMSC" + max(contact_id)+1 (with trailling zeros assigned by the LPAD).

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@thavan you are right, and I don't need to accept the value. It's on contact_id column :) –  aF. Feb 6 '12 at 9:34

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