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So I have two versions of the same program, one configured as for 64 bit and the other as 32. I am running it on a macpro with 2xquad core intel and 14 GB RAM.

After running a trial, I realised that the 64 bit version took twice as long as its 32 bit counterpart.


  • my OSx is a bit old, 10.5.8, which i understand isnt the best place to be running 64 bit processes, but still it shouldnt take longer?!

  • also I ran them at the same time, and each of them only used 1 processor. not sure if that makes a dif.

-my reason for wanting to run it in 64 is that when I tried the real, very large job i kept getting memory allocation errors, which i still for the life of me cant figure out

Does this make sense to anyone?

sorry if something sounds incorrect, im a biologist, go easy on me!

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So whats your question? It is possible to write a program with is much slower when compiled for 64bit then in 32bit mode, however without any information about what it does (or what language/compiler is used and so on) we can't really give you any inside. Does that make sense to anyone is not really a constructive question (it might, but so what?). –  Grizzly Feb 6 '12 at 14:19

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Does this make sense to anyone?

It makes sense in that it is well possible for a 64-bit version of an app to be slower than the 32-bit version. This may have many causes, including increased memory consumption (larger pointers, sometimes looser data alignment). However, specifics will depend very much on your particular code and setup, so don't expect to get a silver bullet answer.

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