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I have an Java Applet with some TextFields. When I Click in any TextField, it gets the focus, I see the caret and I can write my text. OK.

But now I ckick in the address field of the Browser, I get a second caret and any KeyEvent is dispachted by the Applet, so I can't type in a new URL in the Browser. This url is written to my Applet textfield.

It works with chrome. But not with firefox.

It works in firefox 9, too. But not in firefox 10.

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"It works in firefox 9, too. But not in firefox 10." If that is using the same JRE version, I'd say the problem is FireFox (lacking further evidence otherwise). –  Andrew Thompson Feb 6 '12 at 10:10

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I don't have the final answer on this one, but I can confirm that I am having the same problem, and reinstalling FF9 fixes the issue. I have tried various focus settings of the applet components to see if they were related but nothing seems to work around this problem except:

  1. Hit Windows-Tab. That seems to unlock it.
  2. I have a button in my applet that brings up a file chooser. Clicking that and cancelling unlocks things. The moment I click in an area of the applet again I can no longer type in the location or search bar.


Got a response in the FF forums on this one:


See comment #40. The patch build referenced there fixed the problem for me. They say it should be officially released soon.

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