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I am developing an HTML5 canvas based mini-game and I can't seem to organize linear animation.

I am using this code for adding a "target" object to the canvas:

var target = new Kinetic.Shape(function(){
    var context = this.getContext();
    context.drawImage(, x, y, 2*radius, 2*radius);
    context.rect(x, y, 2*radius, 2*radius);

I need to animate this object with linear animation, trying this code:

var mx = x;
   mx -= 1;
   target.setPosition(mx, y);
}, 500);

But, it didn't work! What is wrong?

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I don't know why it doesn't work, but I found the way to do as:

var mx = x;
var my = target.y;
   x: mx,
   y: my,
   rotation: 0,
   scale: {x: 1, y: 1},
   duration: 1, //time to transition in second

You can see more details at:

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They have an Animation function. So you can

var myAnimationName = new Kinetic.Animation(function (frame) {
    target.setX(target.getX() + 1);
    if (target.getX() < somePosition) {
}, layer);

You can use also frame.time if needed

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