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I have a problem getting a country's currency code. My task is to get the user's location, find out what country he is right now and get this country's currency code. Here's the code that fetches the country name and country code from the acquired location:

Geocoder gc = new Geocoder(this);
List<Address> addresses = gc.getFromLocation(
                location.getLatitude(), location.getLongitude(), 5);


This works perfectly fine. Now I should use the java.util.Currency class to get a Currency object. I can use the Currency.getInstance(Locale locale) method. But there's no constructor in the Locale class that allows only the country code to be passed as an argument. Means I am not able to create a Locale object for the country. How can this be solved? Thanks in advance.

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There is a constructor Locale(String language, String country) that conforms to ISO-639 language groups. – Buhake Sindi Feb 6 '12 at 10:15
Locale(String language, String country) ? – Sergey Benner Feb 6 '12 at 10:17
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You should be able to use Currency.getInstance(new Locale("",code)), with a possible Exception if the country code isn't valid.

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Thanks, this works! – Egor Feb 6 '12 at 10:39

Why not you use Address object to get Locale, by method:


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String lang = Locale.getDefault().getDisplayLanguage();
Locale locale = new Locale(lang, COUNTRY_YOU_HAVE);
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