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I have a class as following:

public class Wrapper
    public Wrapper();

    public Class1 c1 { get; set; }
    public List<Class2> lstC2 { get; set; }

where Class2 is :

 public class Class2
    public DateTime date1 { get; set; }

and I get the list of objects of Wrapper class by some method

     List<Wrapper> lstWrap = SomeMethod();

Now I want to remove All the records from lstWrap where date1 is less than today for any record in lstC2 using lambda expression. I tried using RemoveAll function but could not meet the results. Thank You.

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in these situations I would use .All() or .Any()

var lts = new List<Wrapper>();
var res  = lts.Where (l => l.lstC2.All(d => d.date1 >= DateTime.Now));


To remove all I would still use the .Any()

lstWrap.RemoveAll(l => l.lstC2.Any(a => a.date1 < DateTime.Now));
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if you want to delete the item with at least one date which less than today,use:

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