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When I tried to access RSS feed on Internet Explorer 6.0, it is showing raw RSS code. So I installed a RSS reader application such as feed reader. But although I can access the feed via the installed application, I was wondering if the IE6 problem could be overcome by any plugins.

Does installing plugins like blogbot ensure that IE6 behaves like further versions, or do I still have to manually add rss link to the installed readers?

I wish for my application to behave consistently on all browsers (which I know is too much to ask).


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The best thing is to install a plugin called Firefox. Just forget about IE 6



As you can see only 1.1% of the people who browse on the Internet use IE 6.

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Well, I agree with you. But those 1.1% are crazy enough to complain instead of upgrading –  killboi6174 Feb 6 '12 at 11:07
Yeah and If you continue to satisfy their complains they will never advance to a modern browser. Isuggest you to open youtube.com with IE 6 and you will see what will happen. :) They are doing it, so there must be a reason don't you yhing so. –  Hristo Petev Feb 6 '12 at 15:02

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