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i am writing a rmi application which uses swings on the client side.the user has to first login with his email and password.after his login a new jframe is opened and based upon his email id from first ui, i should fetch data from database in the second ui.i am new to this thing and i want to know how can i maintain sessions so that username is propageted to all jframes.i read an article about using system properties as shown to store username:-System.setProperty("application.userName", myUserName);

i want to know whether using system properties to store email is good practice or can i maintain session in a more better way. . please help.

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Have the login method return a new remote object that is dedicated to that session. In fact it is that session. When the client releases the stub the session will be DGC'd, or you could provide a logout() method in the session object along with all the other methods your session needs.

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