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I have a div in default.aspx which has a masterpage. Masterpage has a expand/collapse button. The the click of the button in masterpage I want to change the class of the div in default.aspx using javascript. The button in masterpage has other functionality. The javascript function is given bellow:

function toggleCollapseState(id,id1)
var obj = getObj(id);
var obj1 = getObj(id1);    
var objHomePageRightFixedWrapper = getObj('homePageRightFixedWrapper');
    return false;

if(obj.className == 'tdSideMenuCollapse')
    var state = 1;
    obj1.title = "Expanded";
    objHomePageRightFixedWrapper.className = "homePageRightFixedWrapper";
    //$(".homePageRightFixedWrapper").css("float", "right");
    var state = 0;
    obj1.title = "Collapsed";
    objHomePageRightFixedWrapper.className = "homePageRightFixedFloatWrapper";
    //$(".homePageRightFixedWrapper").css("float", "left");

return true;


When debug through javascript function, its the div (homePageRightFixedWrapper) is showing className(homePageRightFixedWrapper/homePageRightFixedFloatWrapper), but same is now seen in the aspx page.

Thanks for all helps in prior.

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So you are saying that the class name is set correctly, but the page doesn't look correct? Can you post your css? –  Jason Dam Feb 6 '12 at 18:09

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Thanks for all ur help. I was missing the full id.

var objHomePageRightFixedWrapper = 

solved my issue.

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